our pharmacyOnline pharmacy www.iapteka1.pl is kept, managed and is the property of Pharmacy Health located in Poznan. Pharmacy Health has over 30 years experience in selling drugs. Pharmacy is owned by a family of polish pharmacists, with traditions reaching the early sixties of the last century. In our pharmacy we create a warm, family atmosphere. For us the most important is the patient, therefore we wanted to open an online pharmacy to provide wider access to the full range of our pharmacy while providing:

  • Highest standards of service, flexibility and modernity
  • Pharmaceutical professional counseling and individual approach to patient
  • Wide range of medicines and OTC drugs and supplements
  • Best price promotions and discounts
  • Attractive programs, contests and magazines to promote a healthy lifestyle


European online pharmacy.

After the success of the program APTEKA1, we decided to open an online pharmacy, we call it Internet APTEKA1 - iAPTEKA1 - iPharmacyONE. Our pharmacy quickly gained a high popularity and high rank among online pharmacies in Poland. Success provided us with a wide range and low prices. With frequent updates pharmacies offer, introducing new and unique products have gained even more customers. Therefore, our next step was to make our offer for customers in Europe and the world. 
Pharmacy ONE is the only online pharmacy for seamless online shopping. As you can see the page is completely translated into English and so we accept PayPal online payments and credit cards. Therefore, each customer having a credit card can can make shopping without worrying about currency effects. We are flexible enough that, for customers in Europe we provide free delivery of products ordered from 250 EURO.

Learn more about the Pharmacy Health from site www.zdrowieapteka.pl